From Cap & Gown to Career: Dylan Beckham ’21

When I first arrived at Brescia in the fall of 2017 I had no starting point of where I wanted to go. I was unsure of what I wanted to be, where I wanted to go, or how I was even going to get to the end with a plan. I was faced with the challenge of being a first-year college student. I originally started my Brescia experience as a business major, and then before you knew it I was a Secondary History Education major. I quickly found out that it was just not for me. After a year of indecision, I found a path I was confident in after some conversations with Mr. Dwight Ottman. Mr. Ottman was my first-year Algebra professor and he helped me find strengths I noticed in myself. I then set sail as a Finance and Economics major.

My conversations with Mr. Ottman were the starting point. After deciding I wanted to pursue a career in the finance world, I started to then worry about what I would or could do after college. From taking accounting courses, to economics, statistics, and managerial finance I began to question myself again. I remember sitting in my managerial finance class taught by Dr. Rohnn Sanderson. Dr. Sanderson was a storyteller. He related our class with the real world and even his life experiences. Listening to Dr. Sanderson helped me understand that we really don’t know where our paths are going. Only time will decide where we go, however, there is something we all can control and that is what we are doing right now to prepare for the world ahead. During my senior year, I had phone calls with Dr. Sanderson about future plans and what I potentially wanted to do. I can sit here today and confidently say that if it was not for my phone conversations with Dr. Sanderson, I would not have obtained my MBA. He gave me the confidence to go and do more and expand my knowledge. I am beyond grateful for the drive he instilled in me through my time at Brescia.

Through my time at Brescia, I was also fortunate enough to be involved in multiple organizations. I was a Peer Educator, Orientation Leader, Resident Assistant, and part of the Student Government. Through all these organizations I made lifelong friends and connections. Being involved with the university helped me see what Brescia represents. Brescia is committed to giving students the tools to be not only the best they can be academically but also the best version of themselves as life continues after college.

I am where I am today because of my time and the connections I made while attending Brescia University. I am thankful for my time, thankful for the faculty and staff, and thankful for the friends I made along the way!